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Back to the effects lab. All particles are created to imitate Krinkels’ frame-by-frame animated effects.


  • Question: Woah. I thought the Swain was gone since I had only been checking his website. Glad to see something is still happening! So I'm wondering... Will this game be a good way to introduce (and reintroduce) my friends to madness? - zaqinabox
  • Answer:

    Oh man, I hope so. I still remember playing the first Madness Interactive when I (Swain) first joined Newgrounds so many years ago. By modern standards it may not hold up, but that game won me over to
    the series instantly back then.

    If we manage to do the same thing with MPN2, then I consider that a huge success.

    Also, yeah, I gotta do something with the ol’ site sometime soon.

Why haven’t we been answering questions lately? Well, I’ll answer this one by saying HERE’S WHY.

The Swain talks a bit about Madness: Project Nexus 2 and puts your sweet, sweet fears at ease.

Oh, and we’ve launched the site: YEA I KNOW WE’RE REALLY ORIGINAL GOSH


Heya Nexus folks! This is Swain, getting back to you guys after a brief hiatus. Just got over some pretty harrowing computer trouble, but everything is back to normal and work can continue once again. CLOSE CALL.

I’m putting together a breakdown video that explains some of the game and its concepts to you guys, hopefully to be completed today or tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s field some questions.


One thing I noticed in the Alpha trailer was a big focus on dual wielded guns. Will there be skills or some such for players who perfer to go with one gun or one sword or whatever? I’m really excited for the game, regardless! It looks really fun and fluid.

There are definitely skills based entirely on one or two handed weapon usage. A gunslinger skill tree is going to land you better use of two small firearms, while a berserker/ninja tree will enable better dual wielding of melee weapons (or much larger two-handed weapons). Mixing and matching is totally up to the player, and how willing they are to advance by combining skill trees.


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  • Question: Do you have an estimation of when you might release the beta or the game? Also you mentioned something about a fundraiser or some sort of payment to the game earlier towards the year is there any information about that? - facadeofdiamonds
  • Answer:

    We’re doing a kickstarter for sure. We’re still putting our video together and we’re not quite ready to launch, but all that info is gonna be online and available very soon!

    As for the release of the game, we only need six months to complete once we have our funding. Additional game modes will take us longer, naturally.

  • Question: Care to give us any spoilers about what the story'll be about? - jakeparade
  • Answer:

    You’re definitely trying to bring down the Nexus Core. The story picks up just where we left off, with Hank, Sanford, and Deimos fleeing the scene and Nexus units in hot pursuit. The road to the city that houses the Core is treacherous, however, and the flight becomes a battle against hardened desert road raiders.

    The vast majority of the story will reveal exactly what the Nexus Program is, give some more insight into the AAHW, and give more backstory on how Christoff became the Savior.

Madness: Project Nexus 2

Project Nexus 2 Facebook page is finally up!

If you’re looking for a direct line with the developers, Michael “The” Swain and Matt “Krinkels” Jolly, this is where yer gonna find ‘em! Come discuss the project with us over on the Nexus’s new Facebook page.

  • Question: Will the unarmed attacks be viable in this game? In Madness Project Nexus 1, unarmed attacks wasn't really good. - grensorcer
  • Answer:

    Unarmed will have a whole new system to it to make it play differently than, say, melee attacks.

    In the previous game, unarmed was there to give you a fighting chance when you were caught without ammo or a decent weapon. It was never truly meant to turn the tables or stand on its own. Now you’ll have more options when both hands are totally empty.

    One difference is the ability to initiate a grappling attack. This will allow you to throw enemies into hazardous areas or into other opponents, giving you much more crowd control.

    Another difference is that Unarmed will bypass your opponent’s Tac-Bar and hit them directly. Every hit will tick off points from their Tac-Bar in addition to dealing damage. Once you’ve managed to bring down their Tac all the way, you will be able to perform a take-down maneuver and deal massive damage. On opponents without Tac-Bar (Grunts, most Agents, etc), this take-down will happen nearly right away, giving them very little chance against an experienced unarmed fighter.

  • Question: Will you be able to dual wield ANY kinds of guns,or you need strength for it/certain guns can't be dual wielded? - megapwnzor5000
  • Answer:

    Good question. Right now, we’ve got two kinda constraints for dual wielding. First is skill, second is strength.

    For the most part, wielding two PP7s or knives would be very easy for any character to do. They’re both small, lightweight, easy to maneuver with, and require little understanding to be able to use at a basic level. However, to use them efficiently, you’ll want to make sure your character has been training to use off-hand weapons. Otherwise your attacks will be sloppy.That’s where skill comes in.

    Then you’ve got the big guns. At no point would using a knife with two hands really give you that much of an added bonus. However, when using shotguns, rifles, and other weapons with a lot of kick, you’ll want that second hand to compensate for the recoil. Having a weapon in each hand is not so easy to manage, unless you’ve got a good enough grip to maintain a good grip. This is where strength takes over.

    Some guns are just too heavy to carry in one hand, unless you’re big enough to do so (Mag agents, G03LMs, etc). Otherwise, you can mix your weapons however you see fit. My favorite use of this system is to mix a pistol with a melee weapon in my off hand. This way I’m messing with dudes at range, but if they start to get brave, I won’t get overwhelmed in close combat.

  • Question: The game will have control change options? Like i use mouse with left hand and i need to use directional arrows. - metarusuraggu
  • Answer:

    Absolutely. You’ll be able to change your controls, and we’re also considering letting players choose which hand is their main hand on their character too. That way your custom character can be a southpaw as well :3